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      Residential Property Management
      Real estate investing can become the opposite of "passive income" far too easily. Working with the right residential property management company can be the difference between lounging on the beach and spending time sweeping floors.
      Our property managers make the difference in the lives of many rental owners in Miami. We are a team of experienced property managers, who have been in the industry for over 10 years and know how to increase your ROI by managing your properties with care and attention. The main focus of our company is: “Take care of a resident” If your resident is happy, occupancy stays high, vacancy stays low, our landlords and investors stay happy. The whole company revolves around the tenant experience.
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      Residential Property Management Services That Grow Your Investment in Miami, Florida Real Estate
      Our residential services aim to:

      Get you the best possible rental value for your investment

      Keep you updated on relevant housing market conditions

      Provide easy-to-understand, headache-free reporting
      We offer comprehensive residential property management services that will help you maximize returns on investments while minimizing risk exposure.
      With our expertise in all aspects of the industry and using the cutting edge technology, we can take care of everything.
      Tenant Screening
      Screening tenants takes time and expertise. You must analyze each applicant's credit score, criminal history, income verification and rental history. And after each approval, we always meet them in person.
      Our property management services include screening tenants and finding the best fit for each unit. We specialize in selecting individuals, couples, and families who are good neighbors and pay the rent on time.
      Lease Negotiation
      Negotiating a lease can be frustrating on a good day. You might have an ideal client for your unit, but find it's not easy to negotiate with them.
      We offer professional lease negotiation services that will save you time and money in the long run, not to mention eliminate dozens of potential headaches.
      Rent Collecting
      Collecting rent is a tedious but necessary part of profiting from your properties. If a few tenants are late, suddenly you can find yourself spending valuable time and energy contacting them.
      We are happy to handle this aspect of property rental management on your behalf. We will ensure that rent shows up on time and regularly, and sort out any stragglers.
      Property Maintenance and Upgrades
      It's hard to find the time and energy to keep up with all of your property maintenance needs, especially when you're busy running a business, working a demanding job, or taking care of family.
      We provide a comprehensive residential property maintenance service that takes care of everything from dripping taps to duct cleaning and extermination.
      Marketing and Market Analysis
      Attracting the best tenants for your rental property is a difficult and demanding task, but it's important to get it right. Finding great renters is important, but how do you get them to come to you?
      We make the difference in marketing residential properties by managing your campaigns with the same expertise as your buildings. We know how to build a trusted reputation in your local area that will have prospective tenants flocking to your units.
      Accounting Reports
      Renting out property is a great way to make passive income, but you need to keep track of your numbers. Staying on top of all the expenses and incomes related to your rental properties can be a number-crunching nightmare.
      We use industry leading software to provide comprehensive accounting reports for residential property owners in Miami Florida. Our reports will help you stay on top of everything from rent collection to maintenance costs.
      These reports can be monthly, annual, or custom and are detailed and easy-to-read so you can spend more time relaxing and less time worrying about your investments.
      I called several property management companies and didn’t get an answer or call back, ES Quantum not only answered the first time but also replied to the many questions I had related to property management, great start.
      Karmel Diaz Property Owner
      Stop Searching For a Property Manager,
      Start Building Your Community
      If you've been spending hours searching the internet for "best property management companies near me" or "residential property management companies in South Florida", your search can end here.
      You'll finally stop wasting precious time looking at websites filled with ads and start building communities made of real people like us.
      We care about cultivating an environment where your tenants can live happy, peaceful, fulfilled lives. We won't just grow the financial value of your property through renovations and upgrades; we will create a friendly and cozy space that renters and community associations will love to call home.
      Don't Let Your Miami Beach or South Florida Leasing Turn Into a Source of Stress
      • Your thoughts of Miami Beach should be focused on the rolling surf and peaceful strolls. Our real estate services will ensure that your mind is at ease while your property values increase.
      • With regular financial reports at an interval of your choosing and complete management of the rental process, you can spend your time on other projects while your return on investment grows.
      • We always have a waiting list of qualified tenants ready to take up any vacancies or units in new properties you invest in, due to our marketing tools.
      Our Property Management Company Will Enhance Your Miami-Dade Properties
      Our residential services include managing:
      • Apartment buildings
      • Multi-family units
      • Single family homes
      • and any other property you may need to lease
      We also manage commercial properties, follow that link to learn more about our commercial management services.
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      Heading BG
      Our Mission is To Bring More Than Maintenance To Your Residential Rental Properties
      Maintenance is a key component of managing investment properties, but we like to go above and beyond the call of duty.
      We use all of our resources to:
      1. Increase the paper value and the perceived value of your portfolio
      2. Find ideal properties you can add to your portfolio and help you with financing as well.
      3. Make the entire process as smooth as possible
      What does a property manager do for my rental property?

      The manager handles typical tasks from rental properties, like rent and security deposit collection, keeping vacancy at a minimum by negotiating lease agreements, coordinating maintenance and repair tasks when required, making utility payments, managing evictions, and presenting financial reports.

      What services do you offer?

      ES Quantum Property Management is a full-service management company. We handle everything from initial property onboarding with clean-up and repairs; marketing and advertising; property showing; tenant screening and leasing, property inspections; rent collection; delinquency follow-up and eviction proceedings; maintenance coordination; move-out procedures; and security deposit dispositions.

      How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

      Some owners prefer to approve all maintenance tasks while others don’t want to be involved at all. We can do both and anything in between; for example, you could set a maximum amount for individual maintenance and repairs, and anything that exceeds it must be approved by you. Whatever you decide you can count on our experience to attend to your property’s needs in the right way.

      How much can I rent my house for?

      Establishing the ideal rental amount without having vacancies and being able to cover the property’s expenses is crucial to making a profit in the rental market. The most important factor to consider is location, having a property in the desired area will give you the best chance of collecting a higher rent, while having a property in a less desired area may result in lower rates to attract tenants. At ES Quantum we help you evaluate your property and the surrounding market to make sure you get the best rental income possible without having long periods of vacancy.

      How to avoid late payments?

      Getting payments on time starts with doing a quality tenant screening. Spending some time and effort in this process can assure you are getting only renters who are clearly capable of paying rent on time. Tenants that have a history of delinquent payments or whose income is not enough to cover the requested rental amount have a higher risk of falling into late payments. Another good practice is to implement a clause in the rental lease agreement that states there will be a penalty for paying rent late, this will keep tenants aware of their rent due date. Our experienced team of managers can assist you in all these matters making sure your payments are always on time.

      How do we get started?

      Very easily, contact our office to provide you with the needed paperwork. Once we receive a signed property management agreement (digitally or signed in person) and the keys to your property, we will begin marketing your home. In some cases, when a home is occupied or not in the best of shape, it may be beneficial to wait for a vacant and cleaned-up presentation. We will always do an initial inspection of the place to provide you with recommendations that can be
      addressed immediately or, if you choose, retake them latter.