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    Property Tax

      What if you have money just waiting for you?
      Did you claim back the property tax you paid on a newly constructed condo?
      If you purchased a newly constructed condo from a builder in the past five years and didn't get back your property tax, you might be missing out!
      Fill out our $49 application and we'll look into it on your behalf, and make sure you get any due repayment.
      What are we talking about?
      Our mission is to make sure our clients get the repayment of any extra property tax they gave to a builder in advance of condo construction. Many condo buyers don't even realize that they are charged estimated property tax which is almost always overestimated. If the sum is never collected, the builder gets to pocket the difference after five years.
      Tap the button below to fill out our application and get peace of mind about your property tax.
      How it Works
      You don't need to spend your time stumbling through a bunch of legal and real estate mumbo jumbo.
      Leave the tricky talk to us. Just fill out our simple form along with a $49 payment and we'll take the necessary steps to determine whether you are due any repayment of post-closing adjustments.
      If it turns out that you’re not eligible, we’ll refund your payment in full.
      If you are eligible, the $49 will count towards your full payment for our services.
      Heading BG
      Your money is waiting for you. Don't let it slip into your builder's account!
      You've got expenses like everyone else, and you deserve any extra cash you invested in your condo ahead of time.

      Whether intentionally or not, many condo builders are keeping a substantial amount of money that belongs to their clients. It's your duty not to be one of them.

      From the time that we submit your documentation to the builder, it typically takes thirty days for funds to be reimbursed. Contact us today. To see if you are eligible!

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