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      Miami, Florida Commercial Property Management by
      ES Quantum
      Looking for a commercial property management company that truly cares about your investment? ES Quantum is the logical choice for the Miami-Dade area. We offer comprehensive services that are tailored to meet your needs, so you can focus on other projects.
      Let us manage and grow your commercial property portfolio, bringing you peace of mind with everything taken care of.
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      How We Grow Your Property
      Investment Portfolio

      Our property management services are not just about maintenance and paperwork. We want to build real relationships with you and your renters so we can increase the size and value of your portfolio and enhance your overall wealth.

      Real estate is a smart investment because it can potentially grow its value significantly. But that growth isn’t automatic. It requires an understanding of the market and solid systems for day-to-day operations. That’s the kind of service ES Quantum provides.
      Property Management For Office and
      Industrial Buildings and Retail Outlets
      We can handle all aspects of your commercial property investments, including:

      Maximizing profitability

      Finding complementary properties


      Tenant relations

      Bill payments

      And everything else necessary to make your properties into passive cash flow resources.
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      Office Space Management
      Office space management requires careful attention to detail. The office is the command center of any business, but leasing office buildings can also be a logistical nightmare if you don't have the right tools and experience.
      ES Quantum offers comprehensive office space management services. Let us handle all aspects of your commercial property investments, including maximizing profitability, upgrading outdated technology, and overall making your properties into growing assets.
      Our hands-on, relationship-based management services will keep you informed as often as you feel necessary. You can pick up the phone and call us any time.
      Industrial Building Management
      Industrial buildings are a huge investment, but they can also be time consuming and confusing to manage. Let us ensure that your investment is profitable and growing.
      Owning industrial structures comes with many responsibilities, but our complete management services will make it easy for you to earn a positive return on investment.
      Super knowledgable staff. Eleonora is a super woman, she just knows everything. She always answered all my questions very quickly and professionally.
      Jane McAllen
      Retail Property Management
      Professional property management for retail stores is more than just finding new tenants. Let us help you optimize your returns and increase the value of your property assets so they work to their full potential.
      We provide timely, easy-to-understand reports that keep you informed on profits and expenses, helping you maximize the value of every penny invested in shopping centers and retail stores.
      What Do Commercial Real Estate Property Managers Do?
      Day to day we monitor the status of your property investments, offering advice on how to increase their value while keeping you informed on expenses and profits.
      Monthly we provide detailed financial reports, along with comprehensive evaluations of all property amenities and services. We also look into potential upgrades such as cutting-edge technology that could grow the value of your portfolio.
      We don't just manage your property, we manage the responsibilities that come with it, including the responsibility to maximize your ROI.
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      We Know the Real Estate Market in Miami-Dade, South Florida
      Whether your property is downtown or on Miami Beach, South Florida is a beautiful place to own property. However, if you don't manage the maintenance and development of your portfolio correctly, it may be difficult to remain profitable.
      Our real estate experience leads to positive ROI and consistent results. From careful accounting to lease management to tenant screening, we know how to turn your investment into a predictable source of cash flow.
      What does a property manager do for my commercial property?

      Like managing rental properties, commercial property management also handles the tasks and responsibilities of operating a property that produces income, like meeting with tenants and clients, coordinating maintenance and repairs, collecting rent, lease negotiation, and presenting income and loss reports. The manager oversees the administration of rental or leased properties including building equipment, land, rental spaces, and other buildings.

      How do property managers get paid?

      In Florida, property managers usually charge a percentage of the net proceeds from a property. The percentage can be lower or higher, depending on the number of units, please check our pricing section for more detail. Additional fees apply for tenant placement and lease renewals.

      How long should commercial property management contracts last?

      Most property management contracts have a term of 12 months (1 year). It is also a good practice to have some type of termination clause in the agreement that can be used by both parties.

      Is the Maintenance of my commercial property important?

      Yes. A tenant would pay more for a space that is well maintained. It is always in the investor’s best interest to keep a list of all repairs that need to be taken care of and stay on top of them; hiring an experienced property manager can help investors maintain their commercial properties in the best shape possible and maximize earnings.

      What is Class A, Class B, or Class C property?

      In commercial real estate, business properties are classified in classes A, B, and C, being type A the highest ranked. This rank is based on the level of risk and return.

      Class A properties are typically newer properties, built within the last 15 years, they have high-income earning tenants, are located in desirable areas, have low vacancies, top amenities, and have little or no deferred maintenance issues.

      Class B properties are generally older, have lower-income tenants, and may have some deferred maintenance issues.

      Class C properties are usually more than 20 years old and located in less desirable locations, they are in need of renovation, such as updating the building infrastructure to bring it up-to-date, and as a result, they may provide the lowest rental rates compared to the other two.

      Can you help me create an assessment plan?

      Yes, like with any other investment, it’s essential to have a plan, and each property that you own should have its own plan. At ES Quantum we help you analyze your property and/or prospects to make the right decisions and take you exactly where you want to be as an investor. Contact us today and speak with one of our managers.