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    Grow your Miami portfolio with ease

      Eleonora Sebos
      CEO & founder
      If you're a real estate investor, you likely have one of the following three problems:
      1. You lack the time to properly manage your properties
      2. You lack the expertise to properly manage your properties
      3. Your investments are not growing in value like you hoped
      These are all common problems for real estate investors, in fact, it would be unusual if you didn't experience at least one of them.
      We specialize in property management in the Miami-Dade area. We want to help investors like you solve these problems and others.

      Our goal is simple; to use our expertise to grow your real estate portfolio while managing all associated daily, monthly, and annual responsibilities.

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      ES Quantum Property Management in Miami, South Florida: who we are
      ES Quantum Property Management exists to help real estate investors thrive.
      We are a friendly, family-driven company that values honesty and integrity. Our ideal clients are real estate investors who want to grow their portfolios without the hassle of doing it themselves.
      Let us take care of your investments so you can focus on what’s most important in your life. You won’t have to worry about anything - we will handle all the details.
      Contact us today to talk with a member of our experienced team.
      The ES Quantum Difference

      Years of experience
      While we bring years of experience to the table, we are in no way stuck on old habits (or old buildings). We have the knowledge and connections needed to upgrade your units in a variety of ways, from basic renovations to the addition of smart home technology.

      Facilitate Financing
      In addition to increasing the value of your existing investments, we'll keep you updated on any available assets you may want to add to your portfolio. We'll even facilitate financing so the process will be as hands-off as you prefer.

      Passive Income
      Whether you invest in apartments, industrial buildings, storefronts, or private homes, we can help grow your portfolio into healthy passive income.
      ES Quantum's Property Management Services in Miami-Dade: What We Do
      We provide an encompassing array of services that will do more than maintain your properties. With our help, you'll be able to improve your portfolio in every regard.
      To be specific, we provide 100% managed services for the following:

      Commercial property management
      We provide commercial property management services in Miami-Dade County, specializing in property management for investors who want to grow their real estate portfolio while outsourcing all of the related responsibilities at a reasonable cost.
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      Financial reporting and analysis
      Our team of experienced property managers are able to provide you with accurate financial reporting and financial accounting analysis. You will always know the value of your properties, allowing you to make better decisions about future investments.
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      Residential property management
      We are always up to date on residential property management in Miami-Dade County. Whether you have one rental home or several multi-unit buildings, you can rely on our experience to grow your investment while freeing up your time.
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      Lease enforcement
      Lease enforcement is an important part of property management. We will educate your tenants about what they can and cannot do in accordance with their lease, and manage evictions as necessary.
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      Marketing and listing
      Marketing and listing your assets is an essential step in the rental process. We partner with industry-leading companies to ensure your properties are not only easy to find but exceptionally appealing to prospective tenants.
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      Property inspections
      Regular inspections are a part of high-quality management. We are able to identify any needed repairs, sending our certified contractors to get the job done fast.
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      Property leasing
      Leasing is fundamental to growing your investment. You need to make sure your units are leased out, which is why we spend time both marketing and showing the properties to prospective tenants.
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      Property Maintenance
      Maintenance is always on our minds because we know how important it is that things work. Our experienced certified contractors are ready to handle any maintenance concern that arises, from clogged drains to roof replacements.
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      Property showing
      Showing units to prospective tenants is delicate these days. We pride ourselves on being able to schedule showings with minimal interruption so the tenants are not inconvenienced.
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      Rent collection
      Collecting rent is a vital part of our work. We make multiple payment options available to tenants and use automation to ensure that anyone who fails to pay on time is contacted promptly.
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      Tenant improvement coordination
      If you’re looking for a way to improve the rental value of your units, we can help. We make it easy to coordinate with contractors and ensure the job is carried out on time and within budget.
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      Tenant relationship management
      Maintaining a healthy living environment for all tenants is imperative to long-term success in the real estate business. We maintain open lines of communication with both individual tenants and any associations.
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      Tenant screening
      You will be able to rely on us to conduct thorough background checks before accepting anyone as a qualified tenant. We also meet with everyone in person as part of the rental process before accepting them into one of your units.
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      Vendor management
      We always handle all vendor relationships through our company, keeping you out of the day-to-day. We can also quickly put together a comprehensive list of vendors for services ranging from dry cleaning to pest control.
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      Virtual consultations
      We are constantly available to offer our expertise over the phone, via email or through virtual consultations. We know your time is important so we go out of our way to make sure you can always easily get in touch with us.
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      Our mission to increase your ROI
      ES Quantum Property Management has a clear mission: to increase the Return on Investment (ROI) for all our clients by increasing the value and/or income of their properties.
      We do this by watching the local market and bringing to your attention any rental properties that would make a good addition to your portfolio. Meanwhile, our regular financial reports will bring you easy peace of mind.
      Our Team Crafts Properties Tenants Line Up To Rent
      • Creating consistent rental income is tricky in the competitive landscape of Miami-Dade county. With our help, you'll always have a full waiting list of ideal tenants.
      • While we cover all the basics, being a great property manager is about more than just collecting rent payments. Our fully managed real estate services will turn your investment properties into vehicles for positive cash flow.
      • From dealing with daily issues to making sure that every unit you lease is properly inspected, our thorough process gets consistent results.
      We Lead the Pack of Property Management Companies Near Miami Beach

      We believe that every tenant you lease to is a potential satisfied customer. We ensure that every tenant is thoroughly screened, which protects your investment.

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      • 1 Residential
      • 1 Industrial
      • 2 Multi-Family
      • 3 Industrial
      • 2 Commercial
      As an owner I love the reports at the end of the month. Not only they give me all numbers in detail, but also a summary of points of attention and respective proposed solutions, I would choose ES Quantum over and over.
      Andrea Thompson Home Owner
      Great company to work with. I purchased a multifamily and ES Quantum helped me set up every account, talked to the existing tenants, and reduced the stress of a big change for both me and my tenants. Will always recommend and go back to them.
      Google User Investor
      No doubt this is a family-oriented business, every time I call the phone is answered, and when not, I get a call back almost right away. The managers at the office are very kind and eager to help.
      Tomasz Lubka